Why Sunzera


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Our Focus is YOU.

Sunzera is committed to provide you the solar power system that meets your needs. Are you a Greenie, a Techie, an Economist, a Rebel, or something else? We want to make sure we understand who you are so that your solar power system meets your expectations. We listen to you and make time to explain things and discuss your questions along the way.

Start to Finish, We Do It All.

From design and permits, to construction and completion, you can rely upon us for the entire project. We also manage the tax credits and refunds, and if you need financing or leasing, we can help with that too.

We Are Local.

We are located in the Rochester, New York area, providing affordable solar installation and have been producing projects throughout New York State for over 25 years. In fact, you probably drive by or visit one of our projects many times throughout each year. We know what it is like here year round, and know many of the local officials. We are also nearby when you need us.

High Expectations

Your project matters to us and attention to detail and high expectations is the only way we do things. "Good enough" is not part of our vocabulary. Going the extra mile is what we do.

More For Your Money

Sunzera works to bring you a high quality project at competitive prices. We keep our overhead low and work closely with our suppliers and contractors to save you every penny possible.

No Hassels

We don't believe solar needs to be complicated. Having worked with complex government and construction requirements for over 25 years, we have specialized in handling what can seem confusing into a seamless project experience.

We'll take the risk

We believe in every system we create so much, that we will cover all of the costs until the system starts producing power. We will purchase the solar equipment, pay for the install, and take care of all the charges to get the system on line. We will also stand behind the performance of the system.

Electrician on Every Project

Founded by Engineers, Sunzera has a commitment of professional standards and safety. This includes using electrical engineers to design your project as well as licensed electricians during the installation. The safety of your system is of utmost importance to us.

We Like Challenges

While a roof mounted solar system may work for many, we also understand there may be better options for you. No project is the same and we take on unique challenges. We are problem solvers.

We Put Your System First

We don't lock you into a mold and expect you to conform. We look for the best possible solution that brings you renewable power at the lowest cost and fits within your lifestyle.

It's a Relationship

We could be together for 20+ years. With maintentance and support, we will be following up with you at least a couple of times a year for the life of your solar power system. Projects don't get passed off to some insincere service department. The project manager you start with on the first day will continue to follow up with you. Just like any good friend, we will continue to look out for you.

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Let's Talk

Sunzera needs to meet with you before we can determine the solar power system that meets your needs. System size and design, tax credits, rebates, your utility rates, and your level of warranties and services are among the many variables that affect the pricing of your specific project.