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Managing Costs and Credits for you

When we provide you the cost for your solar power system, we also manage the tax credits and refunds, and provide a breakdown on the return on your investment and payback period. A lot depends on your solar power system size and orientation to the sun, and what tax credits and refunds are applied to reduce the costs

Solar Panel Costs and Tax Credits

* see Whys to reduce your upfront costs here>

Costs and Credits

Solar panels costs continue to fall, as technology and manufacturing techniques improve. Yet, a solar power system before tax credits and incentives can be expensive.

The 'balance of system' costs - design, permitting, wiring, racking and installation - are roughly triple the costs of the solar panels themselves.

Tax Credits and Refunds can be key in making a solar power system affordable. Unfortunately, the state rebate is falling.

It is important to lock in prices before costs increase and tax rebates are reduced.

Solar Prices

Let's consider some real numbers. Below are some average of costs and sizes based on installations through the beginning of summer 2015.

Residential and Commercial Solar Installation Cost in Rochester

You can see how tax credits and rebates make going solar an easy choice and why it is important to act since the state rebate is falling. Of course we must mention that these numbers are based on averages and the size and cost of your solar power system is customized for your home or business and will vary; but don't be surprised if we beat these!

Payback and Savings

One of the reasons to go with Sunzera is that we can show you different ways to recover your cost of going solar. Parts of New York with higher utility rates can see a payback of an upfront investment in 7 to 8 years. Also consider that there can be zero upfront options that allow you to see a return on investment in the first month of going solar. Sunzera will provide you with an estimate of the investment return and payback period in your quote. more>

If you currently benefit from low electric rates, keep the cost in perspective and remember there are other great reasons to go solar! more>

Price Guarantee

Once we take on your project, there will not be extra charges unless you change something.

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Sunzera needs to meet with you before we can determine the solar power system that meets your needs. System size and design, tax credits, rebates, your utility rates, and your level of warranties and services are among the many variables that affect the pricing of your specific project.