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4 Factors that make going solar a good choice

Solar panels will work almost anywhere you put them, but will they live up to why you want Solar Power in Rochester, NY. Take a look at the following factors that can help determine if solar is right for you.

Factor 1: Why you want solar is important

Economist, Greenie, Techie, Early Adopter, Rebel - you may be one, many of these or something completely different - and the right fit for solar for you can be different. That match is the most important thing we do at Sunzera- local, employee owned and operated solar installer serving the Greater Rochester, NY Area. We help you see if solar meets your expectations, and how we can provide solar on your terms.

Factor 2: Got Sun?

You need not only sun, but good sun. The roof or ground area where you place your solar panels needs to have direct sun most of the day, and 12 months a year. Is the area in good condition, such as a roof that does not need to be replaced? Best to plan for an area where panels do not need to be moved for 20 years. The primary keys to optimizing your system are outlined below:

Get Solar Energy for your home in Rochester

1Roof facing south – For roof mounted solar panels your roof should be facing to the south for optimal capture of the suns rays throughout the year. If you roof is sloped, a moderate slope that is not too steep works best.

2Clear Sky – Shading by trees, buildings, poles, and even chimneys and dormers should be avoided. Shading has to be looked at throughout the daylight hours, and throughout the year to place the panels in an optimum position.

3Ground Mounted Systems - Ground areas with a clear view of the sky can be used to site solar panels. Side yards, and south facing areas along hedgerows and sloped hills can be an ideal area for solar panels. We recommend that panels be placed properly to fit the visual landscape, and not interfere with the sight lines for you and your neighbors.

4Other Structures - Sheds, garages, barns, carports, arbors and other structures can accomodate solar panels that can be used to power any building on your property. A unique structure is something that Sunzera can construct if you don’t already have one.

Factor 3: Your Electric Bills

High electric rates and usage from the grid make your choice to go solar a cinch. Solar can be really right for you when the solar energy you produce offsets your electric bill and creates a good payback for going solar. Sunzera - your local solar panels installer in Rochester, NY will help you determine from your electric bill what costs can be offset by solar. So pull out your electric bill and lets look:

Lower your electricity bill with Solar System Installation

Important Items:

1Electric Usage - Your solar power system is sized to reduce the amount of electricity you buy from the grid. Key in sizing your solar power system. The largest of these numbers is usually your total usage for the month. Sizing your system >

2Electric Rate - Add these up to get the "rate" you pay per kWh. Key in calculating how much you can save by going solar.
Solar costs and payback >

3Renewable Portfolio Charge - You qualify for the solar rebate from NYSERDA if your electric company is hitting you with this surcharge. Don't panic if you don't have this, as Sunzera has other programs to help you reduce your cost of going solar. more>

4Supply Charge - This is the base rate for you electric usage, before all the surcharges and taxes. It is also the rate at which the electric company must credit you for any excess solar you produce. Important in sizing your system>

5Taxes & Surcharges - As solar replaces your usage from the grid, these added charges will also go down.

6Electric Usage - A full years worth of electic usage is needed to size your solar power system. Don't panic if you didn't save your past bills, we can get these from the utility company. Sizing your system>

Interesting Items:

7Customer Charge is a flat fee for just being connected to the grid, you pay this whether you use grid power or not (sorry)

8Electric Usage Charges - Bottom line, when you go solar your monthly electricity charges from the utility company will be reduced, and could be reduced to $0. See how>

Factor 4: You and Your Property

Gather this info on yourself:

  • You need to own the property where you want to place your solar power system.
  • If you are looking to finance or lease your solar power system in Rochester, NY, do you have a good credit score?
  • To use Tax Credits, you should pull your tax returns from last year to see how much you paid in taxes. Do you expect to pay about the same this year?

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