Solar can power your home or business anywhere in New York State


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Sun, Lower Costs and Credits/Refunds make Solar Power viable in NY State

Yes, there is enough sun in NY!

Graph to Determine Solar Energy in Rochester NY

Sunzera will help you determine how much of the Sun you want to use to power your home or business. Usually it makes sense to produce most of your power in the summer from solar. In the winter, your solar power system will supplement the power you receive from the grid. Any excess summer power can be used to off set your use from the grid in the winter.

Solar Tax Credit & Rebates Rochester

Payback for Solar in NY

With costs falling and public electric rates rising, the payback on solar is only getting better. Sunzera can show you different ways to recover your solar costs that meet your specific needs. Areas of New York with higher utility rates can see a payback of an upfront investment in 7 to 8 years. Also consider that there can be zero upfront options that allow you to see a return on your investment in the first month of going solar. Fortunately, the cost of solar power has significantly falling as technology and manufacturing techniques is continuously improving that can help you go solar.

Solar Power Costs are Falling

The cost of solar power equipments and solar panels continues to drop as technology and efficiency improves. Sunzera is committed to bringing these lower solar costs to you with our price guarantee.

Solar Equipment Installation Cost in Rochester, NY

Your Place in the Sun Matters

You too are the most important part of the equation:

  • New York has the Sun - does your roof or property capture it?
  • New York has the refunds and tax credits, where you live and your situation determines if you are eligible.
  • New York has some high rates - the higher your rate the more we can help.

NY Refunds and Tax Credits complete the deal

New York takes a large bite out of the cost of home and business solar power system by offering generous refunds, and an additional 25% tax credit for residential projects. Combined with the 30% federal tax credit, these credits and refunds can reduce the cost of your solar power system by over 60%. Sunzera works to get you the most out of your tax credits and refunds.

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Sunzera needs to meet with you before we can determine the solar power system that meets your needs. System size and design, tax credits, rebates, your utility rates, and your level of warranties and services are among the many variables that affect the pricing of your specific project.