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Are you looking for the cleanest and most affordable renewable energy available in the market? Solar Energy is your solution... What this means is that Rochester residents who wants to lower their utility bills should look into solar energy.
The best part of it is you will never have to pay a bill for your sunshine. Solar panels are an ideal way to combat rising energy costs and address environmental concerns. With solar panels system from Sunzera, enjoy complete energy independence. Fortunately, the cost of solar panels in Rochester NY has significantly falling as technology and manufacturing techniques is continuously improving that can help you go solar. Our provided best financing options and warranty make it the brightest way to go solar.

We are your specialized solar energy solution!!!

Sunzera - Your local solar panels provider helping you save larger on your utility bills and work to save you every penny possible. We are Rochester New York based solar installer specialize in solar panel installation for residential and commercial customers. We expertise in providing cost effective solutions from routine solar installations to complex and challenging solar panel systems.

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Need a custom solar panels installation? We can help.

Our panels not only work flawlessly but they save you money and keep is safe in power outages. Our solar panels installers will examine your home or business property to find the optimal place to install your solar panels for best performance all year round. Be it Residential or Commercial, we will work with you to find the perfectly-sized solar system solution from design, installation and maintains solar electricity.

Our engineering staff, highly skilled technicians, installation and test equipment, and management expertise combine to produce the best residential and commercial solar solutions available in the market.


Sunzera works to bring you a excessive great mission at competitive charges. We hold our overhead low with our solar providers and contractors to save you every penny feasible. We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on the latest solar technology. So now, if you are looking for a custom solar panels for your home or business? We can help, request a free quote and we’ll get you connect to you right away!!,

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