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You're unique, so your solar power system should be too. Sunzera examines many key areas to make your solar power systems work best for you in Rochester and other NY areas.

Buy and Sell Electricity

Proper solar power system sizing is important when using a net meter. Most solar power systems will use a net meter, which spins forward when you need electricity from the grid, and spins backwards when you produce excess solar electricity. At the end of each month, you are billed or credited your net electricity used from the grid. You buy electricity at a higher electric rate that includes supply charges, surcharges and taxes, but the electricity you sell is at the lower supply charge rate. Sunzera examines your electrical usage, the utility company rates, surcharges and taxes, and then looks to optimize a solar power system size to make buying and selling electricity work for you.

Solar System Sizing Estimator- Go solar and sell power to your utility

Off-Grid System

The solar arrays, batteries and equipment for an off-grid solar system are sized by doing a detailed accounting of the load from each electrical device and appliance. The system will also depend upon if the location is used part or full time, and if seasonal or year-round.

Make Tax Credits and Rebates work best for you

A solar power system size will affect tax credit paybacks and the effectiveness of rebates! Tax credits offset taxes to be paid to the state and federal government, so if your tax credit is larger than your tax bill, it may take multiple years to receive the full payback of your tax credit. State rebates are limited by the actual kWh size of your system. Sunzera has many strategies, including appropriate system sizing, to have these credits and rebates work best for you..

One Size Does Not Fit All.

Getting to know you is important.
Most important in all the factors is you and why you want solar. An economist may want to be more conservative than a die hard Greenie. A Technie may want extra bells and whistles. Your future plans, property, neighbors and many other factors can play an important role in providing a size that is right for you.

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Sunzera needs to meet with you before we can determine the solar power system that meets your needs. System size and design, tax credits, rebates, your utility rates, and your level of warranties and services are among the many variables that affect the pricing of your specific project.