The steps to getting your solar power system

are easy when Sunzera takes your project
from start to finish!


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We have all the pieces you need.

Isn’t it great when you have someone dependable to rely on? Sunzera will take control of every step of your solar power project from start to finish. We prepare all the upfront design, permitting, and paperwork. We are also there to make sure the solar installation goes as expected and to follow up to ensure everything is working as anticipated.

Step 1: Let's Meet

You are unique, so to get started we want to discuss what you want out of your project and see if solar is right for you. We usually start with an initial phone consultation, and follow up with a meeting face to face. We will review your current electric bill and the location for your project, and provide options to meet your needs. If all looks good, we will prepare a customized quote on the spot that we guarantee.

Step 2: Get Comfortable

We want you to be comfortable before you sign your agreement. Your customized quote will diagram your solar power system, how much energy to expect and the returns when you own or lease. We will also tell you how we are going to manage the entire process for you, including installation, tax credits and rebates. There is no pressure to sign the agreement until you are ready, and we are here to discuss the details at any time.

Step 3: Prepare to Install

Sunzera gets busy with preparing to make your installation as smooth as possible. We take final measurements, detail your design, and work to obtain your permits and approvals. Once we get the permits and approvals, we schedule the installation at a time that works for you.

Step 4: Installation

We will take care of the entire installation and inspections. Your project manager that has been with you from the initial meeting will be on site when any work is done to answer and address any questions and to make sure no detail goes unnoticed.

Step 5: Power Up

Your project manager will work with the utility company to get your net meter installed. He will also give permission to flip the switch activating your solar panel system and administer a run-through of your monitoring system. Additionally, he will provide all the information regarding our system to support you.

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Sunzera needs to meet with you before we can determine the solar power system that meets your needs. System size and design, tax credits, rebates, your utility rates, and your level of warranties and services are among the many variables that affect the pricing of your specific project.