Solar Power System

The Equipment in your solar power system and
How Solar Power Works


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Know what you are getting

When you decide to go solar for your home or office in Rochester NY, what is the product you are paying for, and why do you need it? Outlined below are the basic components and what function they perform to convert sunlight into electricity.

Solar Power System for your Home or Business in NY

1Solar Panels – Sunlight hitting the solar panels is converted into DC electric power. The glass and aluminum framed solar panels encase strings of silicon cells which are specially prepared to create a current of electricity when hit by photons found in light. The solar panels are mounted on a system of racks to form your solar array.

2Battery (Optional for emergency backup or off-grid systems) – It is a myth that all solar power systems have batteries. In most home or business solar power systems, a system of batteries is not used. If you are looking to have your solar power system provide emergency backup power, or provide power for a location that is not connected to the grid, a battery storage system is an optional feature that can be provided.

3Inverter - This device converts the DC power coming from the solar panels into the AC power that our homes and businesses use.

4Monitor - You can check the performance of your solar power system online and on your hand-held device. It also helps us check that your system is operating as planned.

5Electrical Panel - This is the panel that currently supplies power to your home or business from the grid. Your new solar power system connects to an open circuit and replaces grid power with clean renewable power.

6Net Meter – This meter spins forwards when you use electricity from the grid and spins backwards when you produce more electricity than you are using. The grid therefore acts as your battery - absorbing excess electricity you produce, and providing electricity when you need more. Usually it makes sense to produce most of your solar power in the summer and use any excess to offset any power the grid is supplementing your solar power system in the winter.

7Power Grid – You stay connected to the power grid to act as your battery - absorbing excess electricity you produce, and providing you electricty when you need more. Sometimes your solar system will produce excess power that you “sell” back to the power company. Sometimes you will need to buy grid power when your solar system cannot meet your total electric needs (at night, in winter).

8Isolation Switch (not shown) – If you are tied to the grid, your solar power system has to shut down when the public power grid goes out. This is to prevent your solar power system from backfeeding the grid and creating a dangerous condition for the workers restoring the grid. So even if sun is hitting your solar array, your solar power system is shut down when the grid goes out unless you have an optional battery system specifically designed to protect the grid.

9Panel Optimizers (at each panel) – Sunzera uses panel optimizers to increse the energy output of each panel. Without panel optimizers, a single panel can drag down the performance of other panels. Attached to each solar panel, panel optimizers increased energy output by tracking each panel. These also provide indivudual panel data that allows your monitoring system to include performance of each individual panel, and allow for adjustments if needed.

Electrician on Every Project

Sunzera uses a Licensed Electrician on every project. Just sayin'….

Special Structures and Programs

Sunzera - Rochester NY's Solar Contractor is prepared to take on your unique project and programs. We can help you get more out of your one property or develop a program that will get synergy out of multiple properties. Below are just a few options. Let's discuss your potential options to get the most out of your location.


Remote Net Metering

If you own more than one property or building, you can generate solar power at one location and use the power to offset usage at another location. Sunzera can provide a comprehensive project to allow you to provide a solar program for multiple locations, or to provide solar power to a shady location from another one that receives full sun.


Rollout Programs

Businessess with multiple locations that are green committed can look to develop a program across their company to bring renewable energy to all their locations. Significant cost efficiencies can be attained through the use of prototype designs, bulk purchasing of equipment, and construction management to contribute to your company's bottom line.


Parking Canopies

Come rain, snow, sleet or hail - wouldn’t it be nice to have a parking canopy at home or at your business that protects when the weather is bad, and produces power whenever the sun is up? Those of US living in upstate New York can tell you it would attract US to your business.


Special Structures

Outbuildings, sheds, arbors, overhangs and many other structures can be constructed with the dual purpose of providing a primary function and a platform for solar power arrays. Sunzera can provide a full turn-key project for these structures and the associated solar power system.

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