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How to save money with Solar

It's simple - you save money when your solar power costs less than the utility power that it replaces. Utility power rates vary greatly depending upon where your live - and the greatest savings are found where utility rates are high. Your solar power costs will depend upon the system you choose, your tax credits and rebates, and how you finance your system. When you choose to go with Sunzera, we break down and compare the costs for you, and give you options to help you achieve your solar savings goals.

Savings and Paybacks

How you pay for solar determines your metrics for measuring your investment in solar. Upfront plans where you pay for your project upfront through a purchase or pre-paid lease will pay back the investment with savings from your greatly reduced utility bill and can continue to save for years to come. Pay-as-you-go plans such as a long-term lease, power purchase agreement or solar loan, replace a portion of your monthly utility bill which can start saving on day 1.

Pre-paid Lease For Solar Energy System

Savings and Payback with Upfront Plan

When you pay for your project through a purchase or pre-paid lease, your upfront investment is paid back with the savings from your reduced utility bill. Your savings build over time to payback your initial investment, and continue to build and build as you have little to no further out of pocket expenses for the life of your solar power system.

Your Electric Rate
Payback Period  
7 to 10 years You are missing on savings
11 to 20 years Savings and Solar Benefits
More than 20 years Other great reasons for going solar!
See Solar Benefits

Savings with Pay-As-You-Go Plans

Paying for your project with a solar loan, lease or power purchase agreement (PPA) can start with no upfront cost and savings from day 1. Your installation is free and you make monthly payments that replace utility payments. Your savings build and build over time as you have little or no further out of pocket expenses for the life of your solar power system.

Your Electric Rate
You are overpaying for electric power
Save on your monthly electric bill now
Pay a little more and get other great Solar Benefits
Save on your monthly electric bill with Solar System Plan

Already have a low electric rate?

There are other great reasons for going solar, even if you currently benefit from low electric rates. Your current electric bill is probably less than your cell phone, cable TV or other modern technology, and you will continue to do so with solar. The perspective is that for a small monthly increase, you get to make significant impact to our environement and get other great benefits too.

Benefits of Going Solar

How often do you look back years after making a decision and think what a great decision you made? There are many benefits to going solar that you can realize on day 1, and others you may not appreciate until sometime down the road.

Lock in Rates
You can lock in predictable costs for your solar energy for 20+ years. When utility rates rise, often erratically, your locked in solar electric costs become more and more satisfying.

Control Your Power
You will be your own power company when you go solar. You will control where your power comes from and what you pay. You will avoid being subject to new arbitrary regulations and foreign volatility.

Clean Energy
Hard to believe, but the technology to go solar has been around for over 60 years. Let's stop talking and start making a difference by replacing dirty fossil fuels with clean power from the sun.

If you installed a typical 8 kW solar power system in New York, over 25 years it would be similar to taking the following action:

  • Offset 91 tons of CO2 that a utility would have produced in burning fossil fuels
  • Cutting 218,560 miles of driving - or crossing the U.S. 80 times
  • Planting 15 acres of trees - or about 11 football fields

Cool Technology
We think solar panels look cool when done right. You can also show off your technology “cred” by sharing the instant monitoring data on your hand held device (or on-line). Remember, geeks rule the world.

Make a Statement
When you go solar you are telling everyone something about you or your business. Let everyone know you are an early adopter and are committed to the environment and new technology.

Tax Credits and Rebates Might Never Be Better
You don't want to look back and realize you missed the greatest opportunity to get solar. There is no telling what the future holds but rebates will continue to fall throughout 2016.

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